Dominion Shows You What An Angel Funeral Sex Party Looks Like

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Last night, we watched as Angel Gabriel mourned the lives of his fallen angel pals by pouring amber all over their bodies and hosting an orgy. Angels, they're just like us!

Still totally loving the weirdness that is Dominion. And this week, really not much happened that I need to recap besides a few major points, which I will swiftly hit here.

First, Gabriel is a petulant child who thinks he can murder himself back to into heaven. Did we know the gates of heaven were closed? I mean, that explains a lot. We knew that God (their father) had left the building and was nowhere to be found, hence the spark of the war. But I did not know that they couldn't get back to heaven, which Gabriel seems to imply in this funeral scene—which, let's talk about that scene.

How great is the crazy idea of basting the bodies in amber? Ah ha, that was ridiculous in a great way. And then the sex! Oooh, the sex, let's celebrate by mashing our no-no places together, ANGEL STYLE. I love that this show is so hellbent on giving us sex no matter what the form.

Gabriel and Michael had a nice moment where they both went waaah, we miss Dad. This was also when we found out that Gabe wants to murder all the humans to score points with God, but has no idea where God is or if that will work.

What else? Oh right, that guy from Lost is banging a weird 8-Ball on the regular and she is freaky. And so is her freaky room. Her weird hideaway in the Luxor is not the kind of room you want to accidentally stumble into. Do you think that's his old wife who was possessed or something? It doesn't matter, weird sex stuff, gimme.

Oh and Alex is leaving town, which who knows how long that will last?

And that's about all I have to say about Dominion.