Donald Trump Casually Accuses Google of Suppressing Negative Clinton News

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

While discussing polling numbers at a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday, Donald Trump offhandedly accused Google of manipulating search results in favor of rival Hillary Clinton, because hey, why not?


“The Google poll has us leading Hillary by two points nationwide,” said Trump. “And that’s despite the fact that Google’s search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton, how about that? How about that?”

As Trump did not elaborate on his claim, it is unclear what “bad news” he believes the search giant concealed. In June, however, a viral video titled “Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?” made similar allegations, prompting an official response from Google.

In the video, YouTube channel SourceFed found that Google’s Autocomplete feature predicted relatively innocuous searches when given characters that triggered queries like “hillary clinton indictment” and “hillary clinton crimes” on competitors Bing and Yahoo. According to Google, however, their algorithm is set up to never predict “disparaging” queries in conjunction with someone’s name—a claim supported by a cursory comparison of the search engines.

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“Google Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause,” the company told The Washington Times. “Claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how Autocomplete works.”


So here’s my understanding of this bizarre article - once again Gizmodo in the tank for Clinton (or at least so anti-Trump that the science part of this publication has flown out the window).

SourceFed’s findings were as close to a “double blind” type study as one could produce, thoroughly explaining in vivid detail every step of their process so as to remain above reproach. Until that moment - no such study of any type of autocomplete was ever historically done with this type of veracity and objectivity. It very simply - happened.

Google, issues a statement which more or less paraphrased said, “Um, no it didn’t. (waves Jedi hand across the air)“.

So rather than address SourceFed’s simply trash Trump for simply agreeing with what observably occurred. In the same way that former Facebook news editors were manipulating conservative news stories in their news feeds, Google was manipulating the autocomplete results of the candidates. On par with how the IRS, as admitted by the POTUS himself (before saying it never happened afterwards, and that he “heard about it on the news”), was harassing conservative companies and non-profits.

Here’s a really, really novel idea Gizmodo. Get all your nerds together in a huddle, and replicate the results from SourceFed. Try to poke holes in it - try to replicate it - because if there’s a 1/10 of 1% chance that Google DID do this (which they did), than that in and of itself is a very, very, very (very) serious thing. If you don’t - than you’re complicit and not objective journalists so much as hyperactive bloggers.