The Cutie Mark Crusaders look to Twilight in hopes of getting better grades, but are the Crusaders really looking for a social status boost?


Defenders of Berk - "Bing! Bang! Boom!"

Berk - Bing Bang Boom

A trio of very dangerous Thunderdrums - dragons that are equally deadly in the air and under water - attack Berk, so the villagers look to their own Thunderdrum, Thornado, to save the day.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. - "For Asgard"

The Chris Bosh voice-cameo on HatAoS was pushed back to this weekend. If you like the Thor movies or the Miami Heat, don't forget to tune in on Sunday.

And if you're partial to Bosh or Tom Jones (or Carlton Banks for that matter), bask in the clip above, but make sure you keep the volume down to avoid puberty-esque voice cracking.


Steven Universe - "Arcade Mania"

Steven Universe - Arcade Mania

Steven rewards the 'Gems with a trip to one of his favorite hangouts, Funland Arcade. Garnet becomes addicted to a Samba De Amigo-like game by the name of Meat Beat Mania, forcing Steven to intervene. I want a Billy Mitchell cameo.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- "Metalhead Rewired"


Donatello shows off Metalhead v2.0 in this week's episode. My fave turtle has the intention of using the rebuilt turtle-droid for sparring practice, which you can see in this clip.

Top image is courtesy of Nickelodeon.