Don't Crash Your Jetpack into the Ocean on Live TV

Things were looking so good for John! He was at the beautiful San Diego Yacht Club—on TV! He had a million dollar smile. He had an awesome aqua-jetpack. Then he smashed the anchor and careened into the water.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong here. Was it just morning nerves? Mechanical failure? Perhaps it was a bad idea to wrap your arm around a guy who's about to take off on a jetpack? Or perhaps it was an even worse idea to take your eyes off the controls and deliver a cheery HELLO SAN DIEGO greeting while simultaneously maneuvering an extremely finicky piece of aerial equipment.


So yes, try to avoid all of these things, or else you too might plunge headfirst into the water, live on TV, prompting the gasps of the newsroom and the laughs of the internet.


Underrated part of this video: when it cuts back to the Fox 5 hosts losing their shit because OH MY GOD THAT GUY JUST PLOWED INTO THE SAN DIEGO HARBOR WITH A JETPACK.

[via Daily What, Thanks glyphon]

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