Being fired sucks, and naturally everyone thirsts for revenge. With this in mind, Japanese pharma firm Shionogi maybe should have been more careful when it canned IT peon Jason Cornish. Like, maybe change your passwords? Cornish got his vengeance.

IT World reports Cornish, who for some idiotic reason was held on as a consultant after being fired, proceeded to remotely wipe out almost all of his former employer's servers from a McDonald's WiFi connection. Erased. And should this really come as a surprise? A study from a few years back said 88% of corporate techs would do the same thing if they were fired. Don't piss off smart people!


The attack cost Shionogi $800,000, but it could cost Cornish 10 years in prison. Revenge, unlike a Big Mac, is a dish best served cold. [IT World]

Photo: David Schott