He may look big enough to squeeze into, like the R2-D2 from the other day, but I wouldn't suggest trying—judging by the video below he's quite deft with the jaw-snapping, and isn't too stable on his feet either.


Shown off at the Google Developer's Day conference in Tokyo yesterday, people seemed to be enthralled by the "RIC Android." The company used their "robot inside character" trick, which has been used for other characters, only this one has its commands sent over Wi-Fi from an Android phone.

The robot can walk, wave its hands and move its head, plus play audio from its speakers. But what to do with a giant Android? It's hardly going to match the living room decor, and might frighten the dog. Companies, such as app developers or hardware manufacturers, are going to be offered the opportunity to hire the 'bot, with prices beginning at around $6,200 a day.


Considering Android's meant to be free and open source, that's one hell of a mark-up. [Tech-On]

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