Don't You Just Love Drive-Ins? Then Help Save Some

We've known for a while that drive-in theaters were doomed, but like anything American, they've persevered. by the end of this year, though, they could be out of lifelines, which is why Honda is launching Project Drive-In today, to help save a few.


After this year, Hollywood is no longer shipping 35mm film to theaters, and it costs roughly $75,000 for drive-ins to make the switch to digital. Honda plans to foot the bill for five drive-in transitions. You can even donate via Indiegogo to help the ones that don't win.

I don't care that this is a publicity stunt. It's something we should all get behind. Drive-ins are one of the coolest institutions of this country and I hope they never go away. Think of all the memories. Your first kiss. Your last blind date. Whatever they remind you of, go and vote for your local drive-in to be saved. [AdAge]


Struts MacPherson

Drive-ins are the worst. The audio is terrible. It's crowded. If it's hot, you either swelter in the heat or run your engine like an asshole to get AC. If you want a good spot, you have to wait in a big long line to get in, then you have to wait even longer to leave.