Double Tap: A Teen Ballad That Reminds You Sometimes Creeping Is Okay

What do you do when you log onto Twitter and find out your honey's unfollowed you? Or you try to friend her on Facebook but she never accepts? What if you're also a teen and you just got braces? You fire up this ballad and you double tap, baby.

Maybe you can't call her or text her anymore, but shoot you can still follow the one who got away on Instagram. I have no idea where this came from or what the story is behind it, but is it terrible that I think this Jeffrey Eli Miller kid doesn't sound so bad? I kinda get what he's saying. I mean, everyone—myself included—creeps on people on social media, especially their exes. Watching from a distance via social media is not just a problem for the under 17 set. So like young Jeff croons, when in doubt, double tap. When she posts that selfie, you double tap. Teens, man.


Thanks, Marion!

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