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DoubleTwist's Amazon MP3 Store: One Less Reason to Bother With iTunes

Illustration for article titled DoubleTwists Amazon MP3 Store: One Less Reason to Bother With iTunes

It's impossible not to love the concept of doubleTwist, the all-devices-welcome quasi-iTunes music manager, but up to this point the software has been pretty barebones. Now, things are gettin' ser-i-ous: doubleTwist has a built-in music store, courtesy of Amazon.


To put this into context, doubleTwist debuted not just as an alternative music manager for people with or without Apple players, but as a giant, coded jab at iTunes, Apple, and the way they do business. After launch, DVD Jon, who created doubleTwist, spent a few months waging a small-scale PR war, hanging Apple-baiting banners in San Francisco and parodying their famous "1984" ad. With Amazon MP3 store integration, that ad's promise—to "bring you choice"—has come true, and it's worth a thousand PR stunts


As has been the case with every other aspect of doubleTwist, the music storefront looks like a simpler version of the one in iTunes. Navigation and searching are about as simple as they could be, as are downloads, which only take a few clicks. The whole experience will be familiar to anyone weened on Apple's bloated beast, apart from a few things: Amazon's album prices are often lower than iTunes', and of course, you can immediately sync any music you download—there's only music, by the way—to practically any device you own, be it a Pre, a BlackBerry, a Sandisk, an iPod, or whatever.

The first version is Mac-only and tied to Amazon's US store, but Windows (and international) versions are on their way. [doubleTwist via Techcrunch]

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*begin rant* I recently just got the iphone so I've only now really had to deal with the big piece of doo doo that is itunes.

Why does the software assume that I'm some sort of newb? Who thought it was a good idea that you should only be able to import and delete songs from your iphone only by deleting it from itunes? I have found myself going through many a headache using this software that was clearly design for and by chimps...

Please apple, trust that some of your users have a minimal level of computer knowledge and allow us to drag and drop folders/files directly, goddamnit! Thank you for reading. *end rant*