Doubt Cast on Man Found to Be Conscious After 23-Year Coma

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Remember that story about the guy who was supposedly revealed to be fully conscious (but physically paralyzed) and not in a 23-year coma? There are some serious concerns about the validity of that discovery, with some calling it bogus.

The problem lies in the main tool used to sniff out the man's supposedly active brain, a technique called facilitated communication. Facilitated communication, in which a helper assists a physically disabled but mentally capable person to type out his or her thoughts, has been widely discredited for decades, after independent tests revealed that the technique is totally unreliable and often the result, conscious or not, of the assistant typing, not the patient. Basically, assistants would often pick up a patient's hand and jam the patient's finger into the keyboard, which I think we can all agree is not the most reliable form of communication.

If facilitated communication is part of this, and it appears to be, then I don't trust it," said Arthur Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics. "I'm not saying the whole thing is a hoax, but somebody ought to be checking this in greater detail. Any time facilitated communication of any sort is involved, red flags fly.


Ultimately, there is definitely more brain activity in this particular case than was first thought; the patient, Rom Houben, is able to indicate yes and no with a slight movement of his foot. But the elaborate, heartbreaking and eloquent notes he supposedly wrote through facilitated communication could well be totally bogus. [Wired]

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So many families and lives have been destroyed by FC. When this "amazing" technique first came around people who had no hope for their loved ones began looking for their real child trapped inside a broken body. It was nothing short of a miracle that not only were these people that were never able to communicate before communicating, but they were actually very intelligent and had very profound thoughts. Even enjoying things such as Shakespeare.

It wasn't long there after when someone while assisting their patient discovered that they were being raped by their father. The family was devastated and broken apart. Then a huge rash of people who were being assisted started to claim the same thing. It ended up being quite the phenomenon. A simple double blind study was then completed and found that when the assistant isn't able to look at the keyboard, the only answers ever given are nothing more than gibberish.

Not even needing to look closely at FC you can see how misguided (literally) it is. Rarely is the person being assisted looking at the keyboard. Often times they are performing mathematics and poetry when they never learned these skills.

I feel truely sorry and sad for the families this has hurt; and like I said in the first post, I can't see any logical way this guy could now communicate in the way he is.