Download Richard Branson's iPad Magazine Project For $3 Now

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Virgin boss Richard Branson's iPad magazine Project has hit the App Store today with an "electrified" Tron cover (promising videos and an audio interview inside), plus heaps more. It's a free download, with issue one costing $3. [iTunes]


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OK, My thoughts after thumbing through it and reading a couple of articles in case any one’s interested:

I like the writing, but I can’t see the 'style' they're aiming for. The Jeff Bridges ‘conversation’ felt like the interviewer lacked any conviction and the only depth seemed to come unprompted from the man himself.

The technology felt a little rushed but without enough advances to differentiate itself from other iPad publications. I encountered one crash and some navigation issues such as the Tokyo article where you can’t actually turn the page without ‘starting’ one of the sections. The thing has, for some unknown reason, a non-interactive multi-choice quiz.

The layout, too, had some issues – the Jeff bridges interview split the text mid-sentence to show a full page image and a slightly odd tilt-to-landscape-then-press-play video that would have made a perfect moving image if added to an article but on its own looked like a techno epileptic fit.

As negative as that sounds, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it, and I can see the potential for the future if it is willing to advance, both as a publication and a technical platform