Download the Mac OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 Public Betas Right Now

Apple’s latest and greatest OS, El Capitan, is now in public beta, which means you don’t have to be some fancy pants dev to get your hands on the new software.


Yeah, yeah. A lot of the stuff Apple’s added this time around is reminiscent of things we’ve seen on Windows for years (much like the split screen view shown above), but like Snow Leopard back in 2009, it’s a bunch a little changes that end up making Apple’s OS even better.

You can also check out some new iOS 9 software though we wouldn’t recommend putting it on your daily phone (because this software can sometimes be wonky).

The updates are available here. Now get to downloadin’.



Yeah this is good and all but I think I’m going to wait. I did the Yosemite public beta. That was fun getting stuff early but I vowed never to do that again. Things didn’t work right and I had weird bugs and many softwares I use weren’t compatible. Even once Yosemite came out it took some time for things to smooth out. That said, I’ll upgrade to El Capitan maybe in January or something. Plus I feel like if I am beta testing then Apple is just having me work for them for free. So no thanks. I pay enough already.