Dr. Oz Will Help You Save Lives with Your Android

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There's no replacement for an actual doctor when you're on the verge of death, but if you find yourself without in the midst of an emergency, the S.O.S. app might help. Come on, it's powered by Oprah's favorite doc!


S.O.S. uses the knowhow of the Red Cross and the suave bedside manner of Dr. Oz to guide you through over 30 emergency procedures—CPR, choking, those sorts of things. Some of the instructions come with more advanced information, like a chest-pump timer for CPR. There's also an auto-dial function for 911, in case you've got your hands busy with knocking a pretzel out of someone's throat.

The app's free, and it might even slightly increase the chances of someone not dying. Kind of a no-brainer. [Android Market]

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I can't wait for the update that gives me a rundown of how to remove an appendix on the spot.