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Dual Screen Netbook Concept Actually Looks Practical

I was pretty skeptical about Kohjinsha's dual 10.1-incher when I first wrote about it, but it actually looks decently engineered in this video. The second display simply slides out behind the first, like on GScreen's Spacebook and Lenovo's W700.


It's slightly thicker than a normal netbook, but the insides are pretty much the same: Windows 7, 1.6GHz AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, maximum 4GB RAM, and 160GB hard disk. How battery life would be affected remains to be seen.

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What is with all the widescreen love? I want a "notebook": a portable computer with a portrait display. I don't deal with excel spreadsheets and I don't want to watch movies. I work with documents - email, contracts, etc - so I always run in portrait mode. Why do all these netbooks give me 10 lines of vertical space to work with. It's not even conducive to most web browsing.

Maybe if I could open the netbook and rotate the display, that would work. Actually, I'd probably buy that in a second. Anyone know of such a device? #kohjinshadualscreennetbook