Earbudclip Giveaway Finalists - Your Turn to Vote

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

So we got about 480 haiku and they were all good in their own right. You are all so creative! I'm so proud of you. Well, here's your chance to vote on your favoritest Earbudclip haiku in the WORLD! I've picked 10 haiku and now we have to narrow it down to 5. Please vote on your favorite one. Remember to focus on tone, use of full ENGLISH words, and pick ones that appear to have been written by HUMAN BEINGS and not soulless Hell demons. Those are key things to look out for when when reading any poetry, folks.

Ryan writes:

Earbudclips are gay,
But I want some anyway,
Free stuff all the way.
Justin ponders:

Earbuds love my ears,
But who loves my earbuds back?
Earbuds are lonely.

T Novak doesn't get it:

well the truth is that i need that clip because i TRIPPED on the hanging ear plug coed and broke my arm.


Maudlin Jeremy opines:

My Headphones a mess
Curly mass in my pocket
No sound makes me sad

Shannon moans:

My purse is a mess
My ipod is in distress
Woe, earbud tangles.

AJ exclaims:

cable spaghetti,
broken wires, lost foam buds...
could this fix it all?

Allison just want's what's best for her kids:

Daughter at college
Wire like life disorganized
Still needs her Mother

Peter uses tropes!

Twisted Like snakes
Like coathangers run amok
These are not my buds

Mark needs meds, did not write a haiku:

Stole a nano
Earbuds need refinement
Fuck tha Police

Class? Let's refine mark's poem in comments, shall we?

Aaron needs help:

Cables got tangled.
Can't breathe. Please help me avoid

There you have it. Vote away, friends. The top five winners will get earbudclips unless someone games the system then they get NOTHING!

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