Early reviews of Tron Legacy reveal some of the movie's secrets. Plus the lowdown on the future of Warehouse 13!

Illustration for article titled Early reviews of Tron Legacy reveal some of the movie's secrets. Plus the lowdown on the future of Warehouse 13!

We've rounded up the early reviews for Tron Legacy, and they offer mixed reactions and plot details. Plus pictures of Emma Stone as the blonde Gwen Stacy, Dredd set pics, Warrior's Way videos, and more!


Tron Legacy

We've looked through some of the early reviews and found a few details of note. The movie is apparently difficult to follow for those who haven't seen the original Tron, and there are a few reveals and homages that even hardcore fans of the original might miss on initial viewing. One sequence involving light-jets is pitched as an homage to Luke and Han's escape from the Death Star in Star Wars, but some reviewers claim it's so similar that it just comes off as a straight rip-off of that scene.

The movie also seems to introduce elements that are just there to set up a Tron franchise and provide groundwork for Tron 3. The largely forgotten title character in all this — Tron, the computer program alter ego of Bruce Boxleitner's Alan Bradley — is also reintroduced, seemingly just to set up further appearances in later movies.

Now for some additional tidbits. Kevin Flynn's business ENCOM does play a small role in the early going, as we learn his son Sam is still tangentially involved in it. Mostly, he spends his time pulling reckless stunts that hurt the company's reputation. There's also a "ludicrous" scene where he hacks the ENCOM mainframe, and then recalls a Mission: Impossible style stunt as he parachutes off the top of the building. When we get to the grid, we learn all its citizens are color-coded: those loyal to CLU have red or yellow marks on their uniforms, while Grid dwellers wear white or blue. And, sort of like The Wizard of Oz beginning and ending in black and white to really emphasize the color of the fantasy sequences, the movie begins and ends in 2D, with 3D restricted to the Grid.

As for the actual critical consensus, it seems to be positive to mixed, and while most reviewers found at least something to like about the movie, there's wild disagreement about how good it actually is. Most reviewers praise the effects and some of the acting, but criticize the story. It's mostly a question of how much the like the former elements and dislike the latter that determines their final opinion. So yeah, this movie could be a bit divisive.

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Spider-Man Reboot

Here's our first look at Emma Stone back in her natural blonde hair color, which she will be using to play Gwen Stacy. [Ace Showbiz]


Superman Reboot

Turns out Hans Zimmer isn't scoring the movie after all. He completely denied the rumor, explained his heart belongs to Batman (he's scored both of Christopher Nolan's Batman films), and said he'd never dream of tampering with John Williams's iconic score anyway. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Here are some new set pics for the upcoming Judge Dredd film. More at the link. [Bleeding Cool]


Warrior's Way

Here's a trailer and some clips for the upcoming fantasy action movie. There's also a few more at the link. [Multiple Verses]
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Here's a bunch of cast interviews. There's a couple more at the link. [Multiple Verses]
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Real Steel

Sure, we've covered this before, but I love the fact that not only does a pig cameo in this movie, but this is important enough to be covered multiple times. The large spotted pig named Dottie appears at the beginning of the film, and her owners will also appear as extras. I'm starting to hope this movie is actually about Hugh Jackman wrestling a pig and the whole robot boxer thing has just been misdirection. [This Dish is Veg]



Justin Timberlake was injured on set a few days ago, and now production has reportedly shut down temporarily to give him time to recover. [E! News]



Episode 15 will reportedly be called "Chuck vs. the Cat Squad" and involve a Charlie's Angels style team of spies. Casting call have already gone out for two of them: Zondra, the 28-year-old, dark haired tough one, and Amy, who is also 28 but is a blond and bubbly trained killer. It's unclear who the third is - it may be a previously introduced character. Their arch-villain is also being cast - he's Augusto Gaez, a terrorist for hire in his 40s or 50s. [ChuckTV]


No Ordinary Family

Here's the synopsis, extended sneak peek, and some photos for tonight's episode, "No Ordinary Sidekick": [Daemon's TV]

After George is mistaken as a hero for thwarting a robbery that Jim was responsible for stopping, tempers flare between the two friends when George thinks Jim is jealous of the attention he's receiving, and Jim feels that George is taking credit for something he didn't do and hogging the limelight. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Katie find themselves at odds over personal matters, JJ discovers a weakness in his powers, and Daphne's suspicions over Katie's boyfriend intensify.


A few photos from the next episode, "Appointment in Samarra":

Warehouse 13

Saul Rubinek reveals one of his favorite parts of the holiday special:

I got to perform this little nocturne, or at least part of it, that I had been writing myself on the piano, which took the place of the nocturne that Artie has been working on for years that his father is so happy that he finished it.


He also dropped some hints about where Artie's love life might go next season:

Well I mean if [Pete and Claudia] have anything to do with it they would like to have Artie hook up with somebody just to get him off their back so much, but also because I think that they want to see him have love and some kind of connection other than work in his life. And so he would but he's very reluctant, and people get stuck in their ways when they get older and if he hasn't had it already he would be very nervous about it. We definitely, or I know that we're going to have Lindsay Wagner back, and it's a wonderful character that she and the writers have created and it's a very interesting little dance that's going on between Artie and her and that Pete is trying to encourage.</blockquote.

He said Brent Spiner (TNG's Data) would be his dream guest star, that they're good friends and he's hopeful the writers can come up with a character he would want to play. Eddie McClintock says he'd like to see Bruce Campbell guest star, then mentioned - probably jokingly - that Johnny Depp had expressed interest in appearing. (Although if Depp is actually a fan of the show, then it's not impossible.)

One guest star he does think will come back is Tia Carrere as FBI agent Kate Logan:

I would say the chances of Kate Logan coming back are almost definite. You know Tia was so great to have around and she, I know she is interested in coming back, I think she had a good time on the show and I think we would all love to see her come back because she's just a joy to be around for me.

One fun thing to look out for tonight - the opening titles and transition shots to commercials have been given a holiday makeover. [Daemon's TV]

A few final photos of tonight's holiday special: [Daemon's TV]


Here's an early review of Friday's special episode that reveals, if nothing else, that Taggart is back and dressed up as Santa. Because of course he is. [Daemon's TV]

The Cape

Here's some new images, including a nice photo of Summer Glau as the Cape's blogger ally Orwell: [Daemon's TV]


A couple photos from the set: [Susan Gittins's Flickr]

Additional reporting by Michael Ann Dobbs and Charlie Jane Anders.