Earth Day 2014

NASA is concentrating on collecting photos for #GlobalSelfie this Earth Day, leaving the Earth Observatory solo to provide this cool shot of our Earth. Back in 2013, a space weather telescope caught a glimpse of home while tracking a passing comet.

The Earth is, on average, one astronomical unit (AU) away from the sun. When this image was snapped, Comet PanSTARRS was 0.3 AU from the sun and 1.1 AU from the Earth.


Image credit: NASA/GSFC/STEREO. Read the full caption on the Earth Observatory. For an up-close and beautiful look at our planet, check out these gorgeous islands, or a glimpse at how the sea changes with the seasons. Want to cram some facts into your celebration? The Bad Astronomer is has added 10 new planetary science facts to his annual list.

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