Easy Glider is Born to be Mild

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This is the Easy Glider, a mean (13mph, tops) machine that has just won this year's ispo BrandNew Awards. A 360-watt electric motor with a couple of wheels attached, the chariot can take you everywhere silently— that is, if you don't order the optional MP3 player—at a top speed of 13 mph.


With a range of 10-15 miles (depending on how much of a fatty you are, heh), it will recharge in three to four hours with the turbo recharger. It comes in five colors, and should be retailing for around $1300 in Europe. That's waaaay cheaper than a Segway, man.

Ispo BrandNew Awards 2007 announced [Core77]

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92BuickLeSabre said: 'I'm still waiting for the re-introduction of "The IT Machine."'

Anyone here watch "Eureka" on Sci-Fi Channel? The solar-electric cars they drive around in on the show have "It" on the hood medallion. I suspect that was "It" all along, and not the Segway ("Ginger").

As far as the Easy Glider is concerned, the rear wheels don't look like they would absorb enough bumps. In fact, even the drive portion looks like it could end up skipping on the road and lose traction, unless it's much heavier than it looks.

Either way, I'm not this thing is worth $1,300.