If we are what we eat, then plenty of us are massive, walking cheeseburgers. But this data visualization shows how average eating health varies around the world—and how it changes over the course of a full day.

It was put together by Massive Health, who offer an app called Eatery which allows people to use smartphone cameras to snap their meals and roughly gauge their healthiness. With 7.68 million ratings over a five-month span, the team at Massive Health decided to do something with all their data.


This visualization shows how health ratings of all those meals vary across the world and, if you look at the fully interactive version, you can move a slider to see how the ratings change depending on the time of day. Green means good, red means junk.

The US doesn't seem to come out too badly—but that might have something to do with the fact that people who use the Eatery app are probably more health conscious than the national average. What is interesting, though, is how the health rating plummets after 21:00 ET. Oh, and also that Italy seems to eat healthily 24 hours a day. Sigh. [Massive Health via Flowing Data]