eBay Deal of the Day: Star Trek Barbie Bluetooth Handsfree Headset

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Some die-hard Trekkie would probably love to get his hands on this. A guy from New Zealand modded this Barbie doll to a) look like a Star Trek crew member, and b) act as a Bluetooth handsfree headset. Yes, that's right, it's embedded with a Bluetooth headset. According to Ms. Barbie herself:

You can use me to make and receive calls with Bluetooth 1.1 compatible mobile phones. I have no wires. I work within a 10 meter radius of your phone so you can leave your mobile in your pocket or a bag. You turn me on/off, receive calls, make calls and pair me with other devices by pressing in the small of my back.

I m not sure if this means you ll have to talk into her feet or something, but apparently it'll work with any Bluetooth-compatible phone. There's even a USB dongle sticking out of her so you can recharge her. It's not for everyday conversational use, but I bet you don't want to be talking into Barbie's ass everyday either. And if you do... you're our kind of people.

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