Ebay Is a Waking Nightmare of Amateur Trump Art

Have you ever wondered what Trump might look like as a baby doll? Wonder no longer. Because you can pick up just such a monstrosity on eBay. In fact, you can pick up a lot of Trump-themed art on eBay. And it’s just as horrifying as you’d expect.

Let’s go take a peek at some of the weirder examples to pop up on eBay of late.


19" DONALD TRUMP Look-alike Newborn Baby Doll


If you squint your eyes really hard this baby doll almost looks like Donald Trump. No? What if I put this little blond wig on it? Still nothing? Okay, what if I put this Trump Plaza bar of soap next to it? Squint harder! Do you see it? See, I told you it was Trump! Anyway, this exquisite piece of art will set you back $20,000.

Donald Trump clown dress


You know who’s a clown? Donald Trump. Get it? He’s a clown. Literally! LOL. JK guys JK. But seriously, give this guy $25,000.


Vintage Giant Paper Mache Donald Trump Statue


This gigantic Trump statue seems to predate our modern Trumpsession in American politics. But that doesn’t make it any less valuable. You been Trump’d.


Original Oil Painting by Gary Hartenhoff American Artist. Donald Trump President


This painting is for the dedicated Trump fan. Or pepe enthusiast. Or maybe it’s more like that monkey Jesus painting. I can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of. All I know is that I can’t stop staring. I feel like he’s looking directly into where my soul should be—the big black empty spot that died when the 2016 election cycle started.


Donald Trump LEGO Mosaic - Custom Build 20" x 20" (NEW)


Is there any medium that is worthy of capturing the perfection that is Donald Trump? Probably not. But people will continue to try with any variety of modern tools. Like this artist who used Lego. Impressive indeed. But there are certainly other artists and architects who have done it better.


lawn stake yard art Snoopy Donald Trump sign american presadential election


Someone made a DIY campaign sign for the “presadential” election in support of Trump. As the person who’s advertising it on eBay explains “Every one stops to look at it,” so they’re offering it for sale. Snoopy was unavailable for comment.


Donald Trump Art Collage


This piece of art is a bit confusing. At first glance it actually appears to be a collage supporting Trump. It has Donald in front of the White House with troops saluting and people wearing Make America Great Again t-shirts. But if you look closer, there are Klan members on top of the White House and dollar bills behind him. A more profound person probably has something to say about how this provokes a discussion about


NEW Hand Made, Pro Silicone Mask “Donald Trump” High Quality, Unique


Do you worry that maybe your kids have been sleeping too well at night? Maybe your partner finds you too sexually attractive. Well, have I got just the thing for you. For the low, low price of just $900 you can have a lifelike mask of Donald Trump. Use it at parties, use it at home, use it in the bedroom. Use it anytime you want people to be physically and mentally repelled by your very existence.


Original Art from Artist Jackass Trump 10" x 10" Acrylic


Not all of the Trump-themed art on eBay is favorable, of course. Much like the clown painting, this one seems to be trying to tell us something. If only we could figure out what...




Trump vs Zombie Hillary with Donald sporting a gun and giving rock-on devil horns is another one of those that’s a bit subtle and definitely open to interpretation. 2016 is going to be the worst Halloween ever, isn’t it?


donald trump collectiible poster towel THE BRO HUG w/ putin-new-59'x48' inches


Yeah, I don’t even know anymore.


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