Ebert: Don't Watch the New Harry Potter Flick in 3D

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Roger Ebert dropped his review on the final Harry Potter movie, and guess what? He likes it! But there is one thing he doesn't really like: the 3D.


An original detractor of the technology, Ebert doesn't say that it ruins the film, he just found it completely unnecessary.

Note: This entire movie is dark, gloomy and filled with shadows. So it should be. That makes it particularly inappropriate for the additional dimness of 3-D. There are a few shots that benefit from 3-D (I like the unfolding of the little magical globe) but none that require it. Avoid the surcharge and see the film in proper 2-D with brighter color.

As a devout follower of the Cult of Ebert, I'll heed the man's word. [Chicago Sun Times]



No, but really, i watched on 3D yesterday (it was a 3d only premiere on mexico...) and it doesn't do anything...really..nothing ever pops out of the screen AT ALL...the whole point of 3D on this movie is to add depth of field and that's it, not worth the extra cash but 3D aside the movie is worth every single penny it is just amazing and a perfect ending for the 12 years of Harry Potter...i cried u.u