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ecoATM Automates Cellphone Recycling Process, Dishes Out Cash (Or a Tree)

Illustration for article titled ecoATM Automates Cellphone Recycling Process, Dishes Out Cash (Or a Tree)

Cellphone recycling services are ubiquitous today, but this is the first time I've seen the process automated and presented in a convenient ATM-like package. Updated.


Supposedly, the ecoATM went live on Friday, in an Omaha furniture store, of all places. Update: It's not a store, it's a mart! Nebraska Furniture Mart. And it's huge!

The process is pretty simple. The cellphone is placed in the ecoATM, scanners judge how terrible you were to your phone over the years, and then you are presented with a quote that can be used as store credit or cash. Cellphone beat up beyond repair? That's OK too: ecoATM cheerfully informs you that the phone will be recycled and that a tree will be planted in your name.


More ecoATMs are slated to appear in other stores over the next few months. Might we suggest a Best Buy or any store that happens to specialize in electronics? Update: Nebraska Furniture Mart, which is apparently huge, specializes in furniture and electronics. The world makes sense again. [CrunchGear]

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no offense... but nebraska furniture mart (the store the article is referencing) puts Best Buy and other "electronic" stores to shame