eDimensional G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic Gamepad

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The motion detection found on the PS3 is heading to the PS2 and PC.

Featuring a robust 12 button analog configuration, the G-Pad Pro adds intuitive and precise motion sensing technology to improve gameplay performance in virtually any genre of gaming. Rotate the controller on multiple axes to gain four additional control options in three dimensional space. The result is advanced new movement functions and a smoother, more dynamic ability to control in-game action. Additionally, users may experience decreased hand fatigue compared to standard keyboards or controllers.

The VRMS programmable driver allows users to set, save, and load custom settings on your PC, or adjust control sensitivity with the touch of a button on your PS2. Gamers can combine the control options of a mouse, keyboard, joystick and more onto a single multi-functional controller. Use the G-Pad Pro like a racing wheel or flight yoke, or sit back and put all of your input devices at your fingertips with added realism and precision. The G-Pad Pro also features dual-motor force feedback technology officially licensed from Immersion.

With all the excitement about the PS3's new motion sensing controller at E3, we'll have to wait and see if people are ready to use regular controllers in 3d space. The word "excitement" in that last sentence was used sarcastically, if you couldn't tell. Nobody gave a crap about the PS3.

Available in July.