Eee PC's to Get "Whole Day" Batteries, Says Rumor

Illustration for article titled Eee PC's to Get "Whole Day" Batteries, Says Rumor

Not content with muddying-up the waters of the Eee brand, Asustek is apparently keen to "push out software and hardware upgrades every month to fill gaps in the netbook market." Though that sounds like a bad idea, at least one benefit may come of it: according to Digitimes, one of the upcoming products will be a "whole day" battery for the Eee UMPCs. Digitimes also talks about an "internet storage" solution, and cooperation with European telecoms vendors. Interesting stuff, though since it seems slightly unsubstantiated, we'll wait 'til we hear something concrete to believe it. [Digitimes]



Wait, so now the EEE PC is not a UMPC? Or Netbook? All this time I was calling it a mininotebook