EFiX Instant, No-Mess Hackintosh USB Dongle Details Emerge

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EFix has updated their site with some more details on its voodoo USB dongle that'll supposedly boot, install and run OS X "unmodified," straight from the DVD on any PC (Intel processors only though). Among the freshly listed goods are "official Apple Updates," an interactive system boot selector and power management features.


Under the list of products now are desktop and notebook versions, as well as one for PCI slots (which would be sweetness), and a complete system (a la Psystar, presumably). FYI, doubting Steves, the dongle "is a completely unique device with very intricate protection above and beyond your wildest imagination." The "About Us" and "Where to Buy" tabs are still blank. [Efi-X]


Any word yet on the version you plug into a Treo that turns it into an iPhone?

This is a really neat trick that I am afraid has a lot more questions than answers. It sounds great, provided it actually sees the light of day and Steve Jobs does not send Guido after them.