Eight Bits of Radiohead, Four Tons of Flotsam, and 11 Grams of Proctology Surprise

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Radiohead - Kid A (8-bit)

It sounds like Thom Yorke f*cking a Nintendo.

Four Tons of Marijuana Pulled from Ocean off California

Police found $3.6 million worth of weed, just floating there, 13 miles off of Dana Point. The most important question isn't, who dropped the 160 bales of shrubbery, but rather, can you still smoke it after having taken a saltwater bath?[CNN]


Cops Found a Ridiculous Amount of Drugs Up Some Guy's Butt

So wait, why was he just driving around with 11 grams of weed in his rectum?


Former Linebacker: Half the NFL Smokes Weed

Former NFL offensive lineman Lomas Brown figures about half the league tokes on a regular basis, down from his equally well-guessed estimate of 90 percent that were doing so in 1985, his rookie year. And given that a solid 40 percent of NCAA players, as well as 70 percent of participants at the most recent NFL combine, have admitted to toking, those figures are only going to *puts on sunglasses* get higher. [Yahoo News - Image: the AP]


Seriously, what the fuck. [Cartoon Brew]