Elentec iubi blue Compact Bluetooth PMP

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Now that we know Origami is nothing but a glorified media player with DRM slathered all over it, it's time for other media players to come out of the woodwork, such as the Elentec iubi blue Compact Bluetooth PMP. This one has a 4.3-inch LCD (take that, video iPod), and it claims to support music and even video files wirelessly with its Bluetooth compatibility. Plus, you can plug in an optional TV tuner and then you'll be carrying around a personal video recorder that can timeshift your favorite programs. At just a half an inch thick and weighing 10 ounces, it might just slip into an oversized pocket. It reportedly plays eight hours of video on a battery charge and 15 hours of music. Look for it to be showing at CeBIT in Hannover this week.

ELENTEC iubi blue compact Bluetooth PMP [AVing.net]


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