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Whilst I fully agree that the Optimus is one sexy piece of keyboarding equipment, it has the unfortunate trait of not actually being real yet. Call me a fussy heathen but I am of the opinion that things which aren't real are distinctly more difficult to use in real life than things which are. Sigma APO's sexy little "Elysium" keyboard falls, thankfully, into that latter category.

The Elysium keyboard comes in 7 shiny different colors and — as Sigma APO are quick to remind you at every possible opportunity — it incorporates laptop technology. Yes, the entire keyboard has been built using high-quality laptop key switches making for a satisfyingly solid clicking action, guaranteed to make you moan like a cow being milked. It's also very slender, at 10.5mm thin, at it's thinnest point.


The keyboard's promotional site is also a cacophony of awful "Engrish", featuring such gems as, "Piles up Body", "Input the Next thinking" and my personal favorite, the 500% nonsensical "Blood for Being for a keyboard". The Elysium keyboard can be yours for a paltry 6000-yen (approx. US$50).

Sigma APO's Elysium keyboard [Product Page]

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