Entourage Special Bypasses DVD For iTunes

I've been awaiting the eight season of Entourage like Eminem's been awaiting a proper dueling-sesh with Vince (no spoilers, honest!), but if you want to see the special Hollywood Sunset: A Farewell Tribute to Entourage before it hits DVD and HBO, the only way to get it is through iTunes (for now.)

This is notable because we're going to be seeing a lot more of these Apple scoops in the future, as they continue to wrest power from the actual studios, and also puts yet another nail in the coffin of optical formats. Now, I don't anticipate the death of DVDs and Blu-rays anytime soon—in fact, I hope it never happens—but the decline of products with optical drives has been noted, and must be scaring the movie studios silly. [SlashGear]


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this is a douche move....i don't even have itunes INSTALLED!

no need for an ipod; have a phone with 16gb of space

no need for this RSS subscription, googles got that covered

no need for the music player, foobar pwns face

if I find out that Apple scooped it for Itunes and DELAYED the dvd release...imma be testy.