Epic Cast Class Photo Shows Just How Huge Marvel's Cinematic Universe Has Become


Over the past 10 years, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has become an awfully big place—so big that all of its heroes and villains probably won’t fit on the screen all at once during Avengers: Infinity War. To demonstrate its own vastness, the stars and directors of the studio’s movies gathered to take an epic class photo.


Given the sheer size of the call list for the photo, which included all of the leads from every single Marvel movie spanning from the first Iron Man to the upcoming Captain Marvel, more than a bit of coordination was necessary. It all makes you wonder just what all goes into wrangling a cast even half this large for a big, action-y set piece where everyone’s either on the ground fighting or up in the air (on wires, perhaps) shooting lasers at each another.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, which took place back in October 2017:

Take solace is the fact that you weren’t a production assistant on set the day the photo was taken and ask yourself—which actors from Marvel movies past are conspicuously missing?

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