ESPYs Gift Bag Make Us Almost Want To Exercise

If we had practiced sports like our parents encouraged us to when we were kids, we might just be on stage presenting at the ESPYs this year. What would we get for our troubles? How about a metric arseload of awesome gifts in the grab bag.

Here's just a taste: Archos Gemini 402 Camcorder, iGroove Speakers, Edgetech Pocket Surfer, one year's Blockbuster Online, Logitech Harmony 550 Universal Remote, Timbuk2 Bag, Dada Footwear Code M MP3 Shoe Player, Bose Quiet Comfot 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, Dirt Devil Vacuum, One year's Gamefly membership, and Sony Cierge Membership.


Mmmmm, daddy like.

The Real Reason The ESPYs Exist [Deadspin]

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