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What would you do if you were a professor and one of your students got 1 out of 12 questions correct on an exam? Before you answer, let us tell you a story. You see, the Inquirer got their hands on a PAL PS3—you know, the ones that have software backward compatibility—and tested it out with twelve popular PS2 games. The result? Only one of them worked. Eragon. The worst game of the twelve. Fantastic. Compared to the US and Japan's hardware compatibility percentage of 98%, that's bad news.


So what would you do? Would you fail this kid? Would you hope he improves by some future software update? That's what Sony's claiming, as the "final" software update before launch hasn't been installed. If that's true, the whole exercise could be moot.


European Playstation 3 not so backwards compatible [The Inquirer via Kotaku]

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