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Even Batman Has An iPad

Illustration for article titled Even Batman Has An iPad

Sure, he seems a bit confused about how to fit it into his utility belt, but it looks like even Batman has an iPad. Guess he felt the need to buy one after seeing these other costumed folks holding theirs:

Apparently the team at Tested decided to take an iPad to Wondercon 2010 and place it in the hands of some costumed characters. Neat as that is, I just can't believe that they didn't find gadget-loving Iron Man among the bunch. [Tested]


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Has Apple paid him same amount as to Gizmodo? Come on, guys! Put the article about NO waiting LINES in shops after 10.00AM on Saturday. So everyone who stayed in lines for 1-3 days could have come to the store at 10am on Saturday and get their "magical" thing without waiting.