Last month, we got our first, blurry look at Bandai's new Age of Ultron figuarts — but a new magazine scan offers not just a better look at the upcoming toys, but also a great look at the new, Bleeding-Edge-inspired suit Iron Man will don in the movie.


We've only briefly seen the new armour in snippets from the second main trailer for the movie, but it's definitely a new set of armour compared to the one we've seen in much of the promotional art and merchandise (which you can see above actually — Bandai will be producing both armours in the Figuarts range). First, here's the full magazine scan, showing off the two Iron Men, and the new Captain America, Hulk and Thor figures. You can see the new Iron Man suit on the bottom left.

Also, a guest appearance by Figuarts Luke Skywalker!

The Mk 45 armour is being called the MCU's take on the 'Bleeding Edge' armour suit from 2010's Invincible Iron Man, although as you can see in the comparison picture below, the suit's designs are not exactly identical:


But it does share some similarities with the Bleeding Edge's overall aesthetic — this is certainly the curviest, least-angular suit we've ever seen in the movies, which have tended to feature some sharper edges on the armour suits post-Iron Man. But hey, Bleeding Edge or otherwise, it's a great looking suit of armour, and a great looking toy.

Bandai's AoU figurarts are set for release later this year — July for Cap and Hulk, August for the new Iron Man, and September for Thor. Hulk will set you back around $80, while the non-plus-sized Avengers will cost you around $50.


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