Those of you excited about that cheap, small Everex Cloudbook Wal-mart laptop as an alternative to an Eee PC might be slightly disappointed. Laptopmag just unboxed theirs, and found many things wrong with it. The pointing device is above the keyboard on the right, but the left and right mouse keys are on the left side, also above the keyboard. What the? Update: They've got a mini-review up.

Not only that, the initial setup screen—similar to the part where you enter in your time zone and make a user in Windows on first startup—was not carefully thought through. Why? Because there's no way to advance past a time zone screen; at least unless you know the crazy Linux alt+click to drag the window UP and reveal that there is a button to go to the next screen. Way to go Everex. Expect tons of returns before the system is even setup. Sounds like a disappointment so far. We'll see what Laptopmag has to say later. [Laptopmag and Laptopmag]


Laptop has a mini-review done, and here's what they find. Once it's running, the web surfing is speedy, the desktop is clean, but the keyboard, touchpad, boot times, Wi-Fi setup, and resolution suck. Also that "window doesn't fit inside the screen" problem they ran into during setup still occurs in actual use, which is pretty awful. The company says they had the wrong OS install, which might fix things in the final retail version. All in all, it looks like the Eee is a better bet for your $399. [Laptopmag]