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Every Awesome Thing MacGyver Ever Made

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

MacGyver was the greatest TV shows of all time, yes? Yes. But so much of it only exists in memory now. Or did, until someone came along and catalogued every single awesome thing Mac ever did, in convenient interactive form.

What kind of trouble can you get in at MacRecipes? Sort by everything from how he made that bomb in Season 1, Episode 7 (cotton wool + engine starter fluid + fertilizer) to how many times over seven seasons MacGyver used a paper clip to get out of a scrape (only three!) to which episode crammed in the most DIY badassery (a tie between Season 1, Episode 4 and Season 1, Episode 12).


It's a treasure trove of awesome, easy to get lost in. And the 313 "recipes"should give you more than a few ideas of how to spend your weekend, especially if you find yourself stuck in a casket and in need of a jetski. [Mac Recipes via Flowing Data]