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Every Gadget Should Have a Home This Beautiful

Illustration for article titled Every Gadget Should Have a Home This Beautiful

Camera bags are great for the field—but what about when you take your gear back home? This gorgeous wooden camera box is perfect for the Leicas inside—though we wish all our stuff were so lucky.


A similar chest with swappable slots would be pretty great, no? It might make you look like some sort of aristocratic gadget duchess, but hey—the beauty of such a thing speaks for itself. And the function is here to back it up—no more worrying about damaging our favorite things, or getting them mixed up in a hardware jumble. Each thing in its place, right where you left it. And no need for soft cases that look like 4th grade lunch boxes. [I Love My Leica]

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These Leicas are collectibles, not tools. If they were tools, they'd only be out of their camera bag to be used or to be cleaned. My cameras don't need twee display boxes, nor do any of the other "gadgets" that I own and use.

That said, it's one pretty cigar box.