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Every Marvel Comic Now Comes with a Digital Copy

Illustration for article titled Every Marvel Comic Now Comes with a Digital Copy

Marvel announced today that every one of its $4 superhero comics is now going to come with a code to download the digital version to the Marvel app, which is available on every major platform.


The digital code in a physical book model first started with The Avenging Spider-Man last year, and it was popular enough right off the bat that what was a one-issue experiment was immediately extended to the whole series. Fans have been complaining for a long time about the relative insanity of paying $4 per comic book, and digital's been threatening to shutter brick and mortar comic shops as well. This is a nice way to appease both sets. [Marvel]

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Maybe it's just me, but reading a comic book online is about as soul-less as djing on an i-pad.

Personally I like being able to flip through the pages, handle the book gently so I don't bend the pages or crease the cover - and then put it away in its mylar sleeve. Same with records - much more personal holding a piece of vinyl in your hands and then placing it on a turntable, and interacting with both.