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Every NES Game Now Up for Grabs on eBay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Every so often, another OCD nerd realizes they've wasted their life collecting things and/or meets a girl who refuses to cohabitate with someone who dedicates an entire room to 20-year-old video games. At that point, we see epic eBay auctions with complete system collections. Now is one such time.


This particular auction contains every single grey cartridge released for the NES as well as a couple that were sent to critics but never released (California Raisins & Final Fantasy 2). You don't get the insanely rare gold cartridges that go for ludicrous amounts on eBay every so often, but who cares? You get every NES game! You also get a mint NES to play all these games on. Sure, at some point you'll realize that this is a huge waste of money and space with all of these games available via emulation, but then you'll just have to toss it back on eBay to make your money back. It's the circle of life. The buy it now price is $3,800 and shipping is free. What're you waiting for? [eBay via Geekologie]