Every Public Sculpture Should be a Full-Size Chrome T-Rex

Every public, abstract sculpture in the world suddenly seems super lame. Why? Because right now there's a full-scale, blinged-out Tyrannosaurus Rex standing over the Seine in Paris. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Designed and constructed by French artist Philippe Pasqua, the 'saur is made up of 350 chrome-molded bones and stands 12 feet tall, and 21 feet long. As for why it's there, the answer appears to be pretty simple: because it's awesome, and because contemporary art along the Seine is good for getting tourists stoked about taking boat rides.


But whatever the reason, it's just good to know that somewhere, there is a chrome T-Rex looming over passers-by. Now we just need to put one in every city. [Philippe Pasqua via Designboom]

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