Google's Got Two New Chromecasts That Have You Covered From Music to Video

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When Google debuted Chromecast in 2013, the streaming dongle was a hit. While it’s been juiced up with new features over the past few years, we’ve been waiting for a true upgrade. The wait is over: At today’s Google Nexus event, Google debuted two new Chromecasts for television and audio.

Here’s what we know about the long-overdue revamp of Google’s streaming hardware.

New Chromecast

Illustration for article titled Googles Got iTwo /iNew Chromecasts That Have You Covered From Music to Video

The new Chromecast is available today in seventeen countries. The price is still right at $35.

The big differences between this version of Chromecast and its predecessor? The new Chromecast is faster—Google’s Mario Queiroz emphasized the new device’s improved connectivity, with an upgraded antenna system and a Wifi chip that chooses the best connection. It’s also easier to plug in, thanks to an integrated HDMI cable.

But old Chromecast owners shouldn’t despair—the Chromecast app also got a makeover, which means a lot of the software improvements are for all Chromecast users. The revamped app has features that make it easier to find stuff to watch, like its new “What’s On” function that shows you curated content from the apps you have installed on your phone. You’ll be able to browse the Chromecast dashboard on your phone without having it show up on the TV, so it’ll function more like a remote.

Chromecast will work with Google’s photos feature. Unlike mirroring, this gives people control over which photos they share, so it’s a better choice if you want to show something to a group without just broadcasting what’s on your phone. If you want to show your family a few pictures from your trip to Madrid, you can tap on it and send it to your TV without worrying you forgot to delete a picture of your butt.


As for new app partners: Showtime is also bringing its content to Chomecast, and it’ll now support Sling TV and apps from the NBA, NHL, and other partners. Spotify will be available on the new Chromecast, and will work with older Chromecast devices after a firmware update expected in the next few weeks.

The new Chromecast comes in black, coral, and lemonade.

Chromecast Audio

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Google took the good things about pairing your Chromecast with a TV and adjusted the experience for people who want to stream audio.

Chromecast Audio isn’t the same thing as Google Cast for Audio, which is a Google service that links Chromecast with speakers. It’s specialized Chromecast dongle designed to get your music played.


There’s no big design change—it looks identical to the new Chromecast, except it swaps an HDMI connector for a 3.5 mm audio port. (It supports RCA and optical inputs as well.) It has the same speedy connectivity system as the new Chromecast.

Chromecast Audio works with apps like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio—any audio app that can support casting. Multi-room sync is expected later this year. (You’d need to buy multiple Chromecast Audio devices to make it work though, obviously.)


To control it, you can use any phones, tablets, and laptops connected to your network. The “guest mode” lets friends send music to your speakers even if they don’t have your Wifi password, which is pretty sweet. You’ll also be able to mirror audio from any Chrome device, including YouTube videos.

Like Chromecasts new and old, Chromecast Audio is also available today for $35. If it’s as good as it sounds, Sonos should be afraid.


Screenshots by Michael Hession


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When I knew absolutely nothing about chrome cast audio I was hoping I would have a easy method of hooking audio into my car. Unfortunately car isn’t on wifi. Sigh. And still not sold on chrome cast. My ps3 and Samsung allshare seem to handle that all pretty well for my needs. I’d like to replace the ps3 but I don’t want Netflix killing my battery on my phone while it casts to the tv