Possibly taking a cue from Red Tomato's pizza-ordering magnet, Evian will soon be introducing a bottled water delivery service in France that allows customers to place an order from its own WiFi-connected fridge adornment. Sounds like it's time for Dennis Miller to update his Evian/naive rant.

The magnet was actually created by the BETC ad agency to help promote the new EvianChezVous service, which roughly translates to 'Evian at Home'. Once perfected, the magnet will be distributed to the service's most loyal users next year, who will be able to use it to place orders and schedule deliveries without ever having to fire up a computer or launch a smartphone app. Because the only thing worse than either of those options would be having to drink water directly from the tap. The horror.

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[EvianChezVous via Adweek]

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