Exceptionally strange Alien prequel details burst out

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Wild rumors are circulating about the plot to Ridley Scott's Alien prequel. Find out what rumored surprises make this new film, "part science-fiction, part psychological drama and part romance." Major spoilers ahead.

The Australian outlet What'sPlaying.au had a copy of the latest Alien prequel script, and here's what they learned:

The main characters in this script are definitely the space jockeys (pictured above). This group of aliens travel from planet to planet and terraforming. But they don't just try and change new planets, they also dabble in alien breeding. In fact, the space jockeys are even attempting to breed humans. Never mind that they have two human males in captivity that they force to "engage in sexual activity," using mind control.


The mind-controlled aliens are known as "Growers," and they are used as a biological tool to rebuild a planet's atmosphere. This is also how the xenomorphs come into play. The space jockeys were using them as a specific type of grower.

The xenomorphs we're familiar with don't appear until the second half of the film. But Lance Henriksen supposedly does!


And that's all we know for now, but it certainly is a lot to digest. One thing is for certain, if this truly is the plot then this film will absolutely stand out from the Alien franchise. Which is exactly what they need to do in any case.