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Executive Accidentally Reveals Layoffs in Reply All Nightmare

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Wall Street Journal wants a “substantial number” of newsroom employees to take a buyout, editor-in-chief Gerard Baker announced to his staff in a memo sent to WSJ staff Friday morning.

According to Politico, Ed Finn—the president of Barron’s, also owned by WSJ’s parent company, Dow Jones—“apparently meant to forward Baker’s email to Barron’s executives in order to discuss what impact the Journal layoffs might have on forthcoming layoffs (which had not yet been publicly announced) at Barron’s.”


But he allegedly accidentally clicked “reply all” instead of “forward,” so Barron’s employees received an email with the Wall Street Journal’s announcement with the following note:

The email Gerry Baker just sent about wsj buyouts says that dj is offering 1.5x the standard buyout package. Are we planning to go to the employees we are laying off at Barron’s next week and offer them 1x the standard package. That could create some problems. Please advise.



Finn confirmed to Politico by email, “It was a mistake.”

Accidents happen all the time. What’s your reply all horror story? Did you accidentally send your entire office some gnarly shit talk? Alienate family members? Destroy lives? Tell us, in the comments.