This is what great parents do when they want to take good care of their son, giving him all he needs to grow into a cultured, social, healthy young man: A 98-inch TV mounted flush inside his bedroom's ceiling.

The job was not easy: Admirable mom Patti Deni wanted the 98-inch StarGlas60 screen to be aligned straight with the ceiling of her kid's bedroom. Above the bedroom, Stereo Advantage—an audio/video specialty company in Williamsville, NY—had to place a NEC video projector and projection mirrors. In total, the whole solution weighted more than 300 pounds, so they had to make a new reinforced ceiling frame to support it.


Click to viewAccording to this laudable woman, her son spends a lot of time playing and editing his own videos, which now will include a YouTube time lapse of him progressively getting fatter and fatter while he plays in bed, and his brain liquifies into a puddle of green goo. [Electronic House]

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