Experimental Chrome Feature Keeps You From Accidentally Losing Your Work

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There’s only a few seconds before the Ticketmaster timer runs out, but you rushed and put in the wrong CCV number. You go to hit backspace, and just like that your chances of seeing Beyoncé at Citi Field evaporate. But that might not be the case in the future.

The accidental-backspace-during-a-form-submission is one of the great annoyances of our time. For Chrome users, 0.05 percent of all page views are triggered by this exact mistake, which usually results in frustration and lost data. But Google is testing a new feature would tame the backspace by taking away its privilege to reload a prior page in Chrome.


Some users have grown used to being able to quickly cycle through previous pages with backspace while others are comfortable using a mouse or trackpad gestures to accomplish the same goal. That’s why the feature is purely experimental for now. Google hopes to determine if the removing the backspace feature would solve or create more problems before fully implementing it. If the experiment is deemed successful, we may soon be living in an age with fewer browsing headaches.


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