Extending The Life of Your iPhone 3G With Battery Packs

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If you are simply not satisfied with the battery life of your new iPhone 3G, you do have a few options. You could try and maximize it, or you could pick up some battery packs like the iPhoneck. Sure it extends your iPhone 3G by a whopping 2-inches, but it can also fully charge your phone in 90 minutes. There is also the older FastMac iV and the Kensington Mini, which should both work fine with the 3G. The iPhoneck will be available in August for $43. [iPhoneck via DVICE and Kensington via Geek.com]




It's more Apple's concern. They don't want their customers batteries to be dead after using the thing for two hours or less. If that functionality is really that important to you, go buy a phone with that capabilty. If it were that important, you/your wife would have researched the phone prior to purchasing it.

The capability is not there for a reason. (battery issues, security issues, maybe they're lazy, who knows). Regardless, at this point it is senseless for most people, and only a few complain about it. The battery already gets bad reviews for performing poorly with the new 3G chip, imagine how much worse the reviews would be with A2DP? You're looking at getting a couple of hours of battery life while using bluetooth, 3G, GPS, games, etc. For now, this functionality is pointless for most. Like it or not, that's how it is.

And you're post wasn't very constructive btw.