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If you've got it, might as well flaunt it, so how about cruising around in this 485-foot extreme super yacht with transatlantic range at sustained speeds of 40 knots? This tri-hull concept has four engines totaling 33,000hp, pushing individual water jets that get it sprinting up to 50 knots. It's not the fastest yacht in the world, but close to it, and rarely do such speedy boats boast such spectacular luxury. Its creator, Craig Loomis Design, has already built similar yachts, one that's almost like this except 75 feet long.

Inside is a master suite that's three decks high complete with a private elevator. Topping off the luxo-sport atmosphere is a helicopter pad, an internal harbor for that submarine you've always wanted, and enough split-level luxury staterooms for 28 of your closest friends. Even though the designers say its three slim hulls give this trimaran a smooth, level ride with minimized pitching, we get seasick too easily, so perhaps we'll stay ashore.


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