Facebook Just Stole an Apple Design Guru

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One of Apple's top interface talents, frogdesign veteran and UI Design Manager Chris Weeldreyer, just jumped ship. And he's paddling straight for the muscular, Poseidon-like arms of Mark Zuckerberg. Is Facebook about to become beautiful?


9to5Mac points out Weeldreyer has some serious design clout under his well-designed belt (we're assuming it's well-designed):

He is listed as an inventor on several Apple Inc filed patents including iWeb for iPad, multi-touch and gesture related inventions, as well as a number of security related patents. His LinkedIn lists his specialties as: Industrial Design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design.


He'll now be a Product Manager at Facebook, which could mean any number of things. The meaty question is whether he'll turn his laser beam eyes toward Facebook.com, which in the Timeline era is in pretty great shape, or the oft-confused mobile apps. The mobile apps have become easier on the eyes, but rarely easier to use, and could certainly use an ass-whipping from someone with Weeldreyer's bona fides. [9to5Mac]

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Hopefully he is also the guy who decided to use faux leather for the stock apps, and all that other skeuomorphism.